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Special B Malt

DSCN8916I’m really happy with how this one turned out mostly because I wasn’t following anybody else’s procedure (couldn’t fine any) and yet it looks and tastes like store bought. Special B is the darkest of the crystal malts and is used a lot in darker Belgian ales. The flavour is sweet and raisiny or pruney, the perfect addition to any christmas beer. Here’s how I made mine:

Used the Conlon barley –  45% moisture content. Germinated  at 15C

Brought inside when acrospire =3/4

Last 24 hrs of germination at room temperature. Acrospire =full length of grain

Placed in a pot with a tight lid in the oven for 12 hrs. @ 50C

Temp. then increased to 65-70C for 4 hours

Taken out of pot and put on to drying screen in the oven @ 200F for 5 1/2 hours

I did not spray any additional water on it at any point. It seemed wet enough. Also I did plan to increase the temperature even more but when I tried the grains started to snap, so I kept the temperature at 200F and pretty soon the insides of the grain were very dark. It’s not black but a very very dark red and very glassy. You can sort of see the white highlight reflecting off the glassiness of the interior in the picture.



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