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Smoked Pumpkin Dubbel

In the most recent edition of Brew Your Own magazine was an article on making a smoked pumpkin Saison which sounded pretty awesome. I already had some belgian yeast (Wyeast Belgian Ardennes) as I was planning to make a Dubbel before I read the article. So I thought why not add smoked pumpkin to my best dubbel recipe. The only thing I’ve grown here is the pumpkin but I figured I ought to make a brew day video since I haven’t made one yet. Something I didn’t account for was the amount of sugar in the pumpkins. The pre-boil gravity was 1.083 so I added some water to make it 1.07. I also tried to malt some of my pumpkin seeds but none of them sprouted, perhaps it’s too soon after harvesting them, I’ll try again in a few months. For this brew I did a single step mash at 152 F for an hour but half way through I pulled off about a gallon of thick mash, boiled it and added it back to the main mash to maintain the temperature as it had dropped a few degrees. So I guess it’s a single decoction mash.

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