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Hop Heaven

DSCN0672It was literally raining hops all around me, they were bouncing off my head as I was grabbing them off the vine by the handful. A cloud of lupulin dust could be seen floating in the air and the smell of hops was intoxicating. I was in hop heaven but this was not a dream, it actually happened! I just wish I had more time to show this in the video. There were sooo many hops at this site. I’m not sure what variety they are, could be B.C. Goldings or any number of varieties that were grown here in the Fraser Valley. This area once had a thriving hop industry that started in the 1890’s and continued up until the mid 1990’s. So if you see hops growing at the side of the road beside a farm they could be remnants of a hop yard. Tonight I think I’ll pick up a vacuum sealer to package these up once they’re dry.

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Hops in pots and pots of hops, lots and lots of homegrown hops!

Brewers Gold

Brewers Gold

Fuggles on the left Brewers Gold on the right

Fuggles on the left Brewers Gold on the right




Brewers Gold

Brewers Gold on the left. Fuggles on the right

Brewers Gold on the left. Fuggles on the right

Sorry about the Dr. Seuss title, couldn’t resist. This is our second summer in our new townhouse and I’m still trying to figure out where the best place for the hops could be. I was quite impressed with how well they did this year in pots considering that they’re sitting on cement which would get very hot in the afternoon. Also there wasn’t any place for them to climb except up and along the fence which is only six feet.  The varieties I’ve got are Fuggles and Brewers Gold which is an older plant. I gave them some fertilizer once every two weeks and I kept some moss on top of the soil so they wouldn’t dry out too fast. To dry the hops I’m just going to put them in the rafters of our garage where it’s nice and dark and quite warm.


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Pumpkin seed giveaway!

Send me your killer pumpkin ale recipe this year (2012) and I’ll send you a packet of 12 pumpkin seeds from this years mega crop of pumpkins. (Canadian residents only, sorry!)  Growing conditions this year were perfect. We had a cool wet spring and because I’m in an area that grows a lot of cranberries the water table remained high in the late summer due to the flooding of the cranberry fields.  Each of the three vines I planted this year produced 10 pumpkins. I planted them directly in the spring under a 4′ x 8′ sheet of black plastic. The plastic warmed up the soil in the spring and kept the soil from drying out in the summer. Once the plants were established the leaves seemed to provide enough shade so that the soil under the plastic didn’t get too hot. I also added some slow release fertilizer (19-6-12) to the soil around the seeds so unfortunately they’re not completely organic. The seeds were Martha Stewart brand Small Sugar variety. I’m not sure what the hop variety is in this video, the folks at the garden store didn’t know. There may even be two types of hops growing there as you can see two very different shapes of cones and the larger ones are already turning brown.

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