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2013 Final tally


Maris Otter

Maris Otter

Overall this years yield was pretty pathetic, especially given how great everything was doing at the beginning. The mice and birds took at least 50% of the Conlon so I only ended up with 10 lbs. 7.5 oz of this variety. As soon as the seed heads came close to the ground they would take them. Also when I tied them together in an attempt to stop them from falling over I gave the birds a nice place to perch while they stole more grain. There is some good news though, I had great success with the Maris Otter, in fact that small little packet of 130 seeds yielded 1 lb 4 oz of grain, enough to plant all 6 beds next year. The Robust also did really well and yielded 4 lb 12 oz from the one 4×10 ft bed. Even though there were a lot of stalks that fell over the mice and birds didn’t touch any of it. I can only guess as to why they left it alone. I think since it is a six row variety the long hairs at the ends of the grain discouraged the mice. In  2 row barley these hairs and grain only come out the sides of the seed head but in a six row  the grains and their hairs surround the seed head and they are kind of prickly so perhaps this gave the Robust some added protection. The total yield for all of the varieties was 16 lbs 7.5 oz. from 240 sq. ft. of garden. If the Conlon had not fallen over I probably would have at least 10 more pounds. Oh well, there’s always next year.

The Golden Promise didn’t do so well in the pot. The stalks were very thin and weak and the seed heads just didn’t develop. You can see in the picture the grains are half the size of the Conlon barley. I didn’t even bother threshing these, there were just too few and too small.

Small underdeveloped seed head

Small underdeveloped seed head

The G.P. is on the left, Conlon on the right

The G.P. is on the left, Conlon on the right


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Barley updates June 8 and 22

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The Belgian Golden takes the gold!

This is so cool! I entered all 5 beers in the Vanbrewers 2012 Home Brewing competition and the Belgian Golden Strong won 1st place for category 18. If you’ve never entered a competition here are the BCJP style guidelines. The others, however didn’t place, so for those you’ll just have to take my word for it, they were really good, honest. I am looking forward to seeing the judges comments which will be mailed to me soon. I’ll post them here too. That’s the really great thing about entering a competition, you get the scoresheets even if you didn’t win. The scoresheets from last years competition were spot on. The judges pointed out all the corners I had been cutting. It was a rather humbling experience even though I did get two silver medals. Vanbrewers is a home brewing club here in Vancouver with I believe around 70 members. They’ve organized this competition for the past three years which is open to anybody. This year there were 262 entries. So to get a gold medal is pretty awesome, thanks Vanbrewers!


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